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The trade show environment has its perks - you can size up your competition, communicate with a whole lotta potential customers, and see how irresistible your new Xperiential Branding trade show exhibit is (you’re welcome). But competition can be exhausting after a while, eh? Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to talk about how great you are without anyone trying to steal your thunder.

Picture it now: an event centered around your brand and your brand alone,  in all of its glory. You talking your brand up, promoting it shamelessly. Humility out the window. No competition in sight. Maybe you can imagine your brand in this scenario as a modern day rapper in the studio. For those of you who aren’t familiar with rap, all you need to know is that each rapper is the bomb, in his or her mind. Or more appropriately, they’re the shizz. Most rap songs begin with something like “BEST RAPPER ALIVE…[begin catchy beat and questionable lyrics]” 

But hey - if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? We want your brand to have the rapper’s studio mentality at the events you host. The event is your brand’s studio. At said events, the personality of your brand should be Xplosive (Dr. Dre, anyone?). We apologize for the pun… sort of. In other words, your event should be branded. Heavily branded. The promotion of the event and the actual event itself: Your brand over here, your brand over there, waiving your brand’s hands like you just don’t care. Every aspect from promotions to the event itself will scream your brand. Loud visuals… Sounds (rap music?)… Feeling. All in line with your brand. All unique to this particular event. In other words, your brand’s gonna make some noise. You’re gonna record a new hit single at this event. And it’s gonna be awesome.

So how do you turn your event into your brand’s own hypothetical rap studio? You use us. Because you see, we’re the best event branders alive; we’re the shizz at event branding. See for yourself in our gallery. 

Xperiential Branding out. (We’re dropping the mic right now.)

Make it simple, but significant. Don Draper

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